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Confessions of an Innkeeper 3-D

“Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin………..”

Platinum Blonde is giving a free concert in Springer Market Square tonight – just 3 blocks from the Club – and it reminded me of that opening from their debut album.

Quick: for a commemorative St. Lawrence Seaway postcard set – what was the name of that album and the track that opened with the line above?? Send your answers to for a chance to win. A skill testing question will be asked.

This week, I wanted to talk about packing for a short stay in Kingston. I will preface this piece by reminding all of you that we have a great many stairs at the Club and my fitness program is really running up and down them, just not with a steamer trunk on my back. While I suppose that it is entirely possible that you could be invited to a cotillion at the officer’s mess, or a surprise ball at Queen’s, one does not need to pack as if one is taking a cruise on the ’round the world voyage of the Empress of Everywhere.

I met a great couple last night. They were travelling from the Boston area (on a two week journey) and were some of the most sensible packers I have encountered. They checked-in with their toiletries, a change of clothes and an adventurous spirit. They stage their packing to allow them to simply to pull out what is needed and leave the rest in the car. I was so impressed that I carried them to their suite.

Another couple of seasoned travelers rolled-in to Kingston a few weeks ago with their clothes packed in smaller bags and labelled by date and destination. They had specific objectives and activities planned and had the right clothing for the right situation. They explained that they had rain gear and cold weather garb at the ready, but got so tired of lugging it in and out of hotels and inns that they eventually saw the light and developed their system. I am contemplating taking this packing system on Dragon’s Den.

To contrast these examples, we recently had a couple come for one night of fun and frivolity in Kingston to celebrate their anniversary. I knew that my volunteering to be their sherpa was going to problematic when I saw Del Griffith’s trunk from Planes, Trains and Automobiles. The husband in the pair commented that I should not worry, as the trunk is ‘much heavier than it looked.’ I proceeded to haul this up to the Bell room on the second floor, stopping only to contact my chiropractor. Shortly after moving them in, I gave them directions to a local patio and they proceeded out wearing flip-flops, shorts and t-shirts. I happened to greet them several hours later when they returned in the same uniforms. In the morning when they came down for breakfast, I noted that only the t-shirts had changed. I anxiously awaited check-out, thinking that they would come down in chainmail or perhaps scuba gear, but was sorely disappointed to find out that they were attired in much the same as I had seen. In a last effort to understand the weighty trunk, I inquired about how the travelling bowling ball sales business was? The response was a dead-panned ‘you never know what to bring.’

Well, I guess that is true, but as I leave you for this edition, here is my list of what to bring:

  • someone you love to travel with;
  • an open mind;
  • a desire to enjoy new experiences, and
  • tylenol (we have free water here!)

Until next time, safe travels,