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Confessions of an Innkeeper: Month 1

We have come to the end of our first month at the helm of the Frontenac Club and are even more excited than we were on day 1.

Nancy and I would like to thank our team – they have been patient and supportive of all of our questions, mistakes and ideas. What we did not know prior to taking over is that they are all passionate about the Club, her guests, and making this the premier place to stay in the area. Their enthusiasm and openness has been inspiring.

Our guests have been incredibly warm and willing to share their stories and experiences at the Club and in Kingston. We are amazed by how many of you come again and again. We are announcing a contest for a loyal guests – the first individual or couple who stays in all 16 of our rooms will win a set of steak knives and dinner for two at Le Chien Noir.

We have had some funny calls this month. We have come to discover that being branded a ‘Bed & Breakfast’ comes with some interesting preconceptions:

One potential guest on the phone, “Look Sean, I need a place to stay, but I am not sharing a bathroom with some guy and his wife. I need a room that has a bathroom. You got that?’ I proudly told him that all of our rooms have en-suite bathrooms and that we even have flush toilets.

Another guest was concerned that they might have to eat with me at our kitchen table. When I explained that I almost always wear pants, and that we have a choice of 3 dining rooms to enjoy their hot, served breakfast, they seemed to calm down.

Lastly, breakfast is a really important part of what we do every day. Tracy and Darlene do an amazing job cooking and I cannot believe how many of our guests say they come because of the breakfast. The features like ‘Eggs Frontenac,’ the stuffed french toast, the 5 special omelettes; are all made fresh and served at your table. With hotel breakfasts generally becoming a self-service, pre-made buffet-style experience in the lobby of the facility, we are proud to personally serve uncommonly fine foods to start your day. Look for some new classics on you next stay.

Many thanks again to all of our guests who continue to make the Club not only an historic place, but history in the making.