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Confessions of an Innkeeper: Time and Money

Since we were fortunate enough to acquire the Frontenac Club, we have been working on our vision for her restoration and renovation. As only the 5th owners in her 173 years, we really feel that we have a duty to ensure that the Club is both preserved and enhanced to handle the next 173.

Many tell us that we should not change a thing! We understand this sentiment, but as someone who has recently turned 50, I know that you cannot stay young without making some changes…….

It is our intention to restore the exterior and re-landscape the entire site. This will involve new sections of roof, stone cleaning repair and joint work (I need joint work too). The landscape plan will see us re-envision the patio and take full advantage of the incredible canopy and the historic limestone wall. The parking area will be formalized with a mix of stone-pavers and some really unique green space. We will be adding a number of new planting beds and a chef’s garden to grow herbs and items for our lounge and food options. The street-scapes on King and William streets will be enhanced with formal beds and a few surprises that we will keep to ourselves for now.

I recall that Fernando Lamas (as played by Billy Crystal) was fond of saying that it ‘is better to look good then to feel good.’ We know we will be looking good, but our insides need to feel good for our guests. We are working with incredibly talented designers and architects on enhancing the interior of the Club to establish a new standard of excellence in Kingston. All of our bathrooms will be enhanced and we will be introducing refinements and amenities in every room to make your stay more comfortable.

We are very excited to be working toward introducing a licensed lounge to the Club that would welcome our guests and patrons from the City.

We will be releasing more information as we get our approvals from the City and the Heritage committee. ¬†Stay tuned…….