Confessions of An Innkeeper:
Time Keeps on Slippin’ Slippin’ Slippin’ in to the Future!

Confessions of An Innkeeper:
Time Keeps on Slippin’ Slippin’ Slippin’ in to the Future!

We cannot wait to get the Frontenac Club open and Fly Like an Eagle,
yet we still have much work to do. We have been pushing very hard to get open
in time for the 2020 Tim Horton’s Brier being held in Kingston. This would have
been an ideal time to open the Club to a wide audience and to showcase how
fantastic Kingston is as a winter destination.

An amazing team!

Our tradespeople have been amazing to work with as we have encountered the
peculiarities and challenges that this kind of restoration engenders. Everyone
has kept focused and we have evolved the design to something we are really
proud of. What has been tough to overcome is when materials do not arrive as
planned! We will get the Club opened in the Spring of 2020 and cannot wait to
show her off.

Many of you know that the Club is comprised of 3 sections built in different eras:
  • The Bank wing dates to 1845
  • The Cartwright wing circa 1826
  • The youngish Club wing built in 1906
Club Wing Restoration

The picture above shows a section of the Club wing. All of
the darker stone you see is newly quarried limestone that had to be inserted
with the original stone in order to allow another 100+ years of operation. The
team from Joe Andre Masonry has done an amazing job on this and so many other
spaces inside and outside of the building.

Parking lot cleared for resurfacing
Wentworth Landscapes' team

Our landscaping is moving right along.

All of the planting was done in our beds along King and William streets, including new grass and stone walkways at our entrance. The photos above show the parking lot having been cleared for re-surfacing and the team from Wentworth Landscapes laying the stone pavers and planting beds. As I am writing this update, they are finishing the new fence.
Our backyard, patio and our new rooftop (below) are going to be stunning spaces
to use for events in the future.

Our top view

Let’s move inside the Club and show off some of the spaces you will see there.


Some of you will recognize the Bell Suite in the Bank wing of the building. This shot was on the afternoon the room was being painted.

Bell suite freshly painted

The newly named Spires room on the 3rd floor of the Bank building has some
fantastic views: North toward St. George’s Cathedral and West to the spires of
Sydenham Street Church and St. Mary’s Cathedral. Both the Bell and Spires are
awaiting their new mantels.

Spires room sneak peak

The picture below shows the new trim going in to the sitting room of our largest
suite, the Frontenac. Those of you whom have stayed with us would remember this
as the Sandburg suite. We have reconfigured this room significantly and cannot
wait to showcase this new space.

Frontenac suite window trimmings

The picture below shows a completely new space – the Rideau. This room was once the kitchen and bathroom of the owner’s suite. I lived here for 18 months and had
no idea there was a limestone wall there. The king bed will be placed against
that wall when you see it next.

The Rideau is a new public space at the hotel

Our trimmers – the magicians from Roald Smith Construction – are using this room as a workshop. When they have completed their work, this space will become the
Queen’s Suite bedroom and sitting room.

Queen's suite turned emporary workshop

We are really excited about bathrooms. We have designed large showers and nine of our rooms have beautiful free-standing Kohler tubs. The pic below shows the
Locomotive Suite bathroom waiting for the tub to be installed in front of the
limestone niche.

A luxury bathroom in the making

The addition of a bar lounge is a really important addition to the Club. The picture
below shows the ceiling treatment being layered in. We will not show much more
of this space – you will have to come in and get a drink….

Renovated bar ceiling

I thought that I would leave you on a more colourful note, with a view out from
the lounge from October – I just liked this picture.

Enjoy the view!

When are we going to open you ask?? We do not have an exact date, but I can tell you that we are accepting reservations for stays beyond May 15th at any time.
Please call me at 705.330.5685 while we reconfigure the on-line reservations

Looking forward to speaking with you,

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