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Confessions of an Innkeeper: Vol. #2

“time may change me, but I can’t trace time”
David Bowie

We are continuing to be overwhelmed by the history of the Frontenac Club and the history that is made here virtually every day. We are only the 5th owners in the 172-year history of the property and when I reflect on that I feel a whole lot younger than I actually am!

I will not spoil our tour by recounting the historical dates and stories that we have learned about in this post – you have to book a room to get those – but I will tell you that we are interested in hearing your recollections of the Club and what history you have made here.

In the last weeks, we have had guests tell us of proposals made at the Club, jobs interviewed for and won while visiting, innovations launched, babies conceived, celebrations and reunions had, and warm memories created all within our walls. It is both humbling and intriguing to consider that at any moment something historic may occur here. As interesting, are the numbers of guests who claim to have been here but cannot remember a single thing after they returned from the Toucan….

We have also been receiving a great number of questions on what changes we might make. We are learning a great deal about the things that our guests love about the Club and are recording these to ensure that we maintain and enhance these features through any restoration. At the present time, we know we have work to do to preserve the physical structure and are working with local talents to ‘normalize’ the zoning; to clean up the exterior of the building; and, to prepare to rejuvenate the stone and other critical structural elements. Beyond these, it is premature for us to suggest any other thoughts on what might change until we have these foundations strengthened.

We can say the following with great confidence:
• We will continue to operate as an Inn;
• We will not be operating a Hooter’s franchise (sorry Brent);
• We will continue to have complimentary gourmet breakfasts and parking;
• Batteries are included; and,
• Canadian money will be taken at par.

Come visit us and experience all that Kingston has to offer. To slightly alter an iconic Rush lyric: ‘we do believe that strangers are long-awaited friends.’

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Safe Travels,

Sean & Nancy