Confessions of an Innkeeper:​
Demolition Man

Confessions of an Innkeeper:​
Demolition Man

We are well in to demolition now and it is time for an update!

The Anglin Group has been focused on the demolition of spaces within the Club and as I am walking through the Club at our site meeting, I have the Police song named in the title of this post running through my head:

“You say this wasn’t in your plan
I’m the kind of thing you ban
I’m a walking disaster
I’m a demolition man”

Putting in to Motion

Our new vision for the Club has meant removing many layers of past renovations. What we are finding is really quite fascinating and has provided us with several ‘new’ ideas to incorporate in our design. Old door and window openings, old room configurations, floors, brickwork and, of course, incredible Kingston limestone have revealed themselves as we have pealed back the layers.

We have been capturing these stages on video and so, I have the first of many videos to be posted for you to enjoy. Below you will see the new connection that will link the Cartwright Wing (circa 1826) to the Club Wing (circa 1907). This means that our guests will no longer need to put on a parka to get a cup of coffee in the morning!

Stay tuned for more…………

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