Frontenac Club Inn

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Hello from Sean & Nancy!

It is with a great deal of excitement and enthusiasm that we take over from Beare & Susan. They, along with their family and the wonderful team here at the Club, have created an incredibly strong foundation for us to build on.

In these early days, we are learning all about the history of the Club and making new friends and partnerships in the city. While we are new to the Club, we have spent our entire careers in hospitality. Our journey has led us to some of the most incredible cities and the finest resort destinations in the world, and it will be our passion to bring the best of what we have experienced to Kingston.

There will be many changes to come as we look ahead, but we can promise that the warm hospitality and the sense of place synonymous with the Frontenac Club will never change.

We look forward to hosting you soon and to showing off all that Kingston has to offer.

Sean & Nancy