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Ladies Night Out – Art at the Inn!

We are really excited about being a ‘new’ part of the community! We think the Club is a wonderful ambassador for the history of the city and one of the best ways for a visitor to begin their exploration of all that our city has to offer.

As our plans have solidified for the restoration of the Club, we have also been thinking about how we engage our local friends and neighbours. We hope the Club will become a hub of activity as we move forward, allowing all of our neighbours, guests and friends a Club-house like no other.

We recently had a neighbour of ours, Cavelle Macdonell, approach us about hosting art classes and retreats at the Club. We were intrigued and have partnered with her to test the concept this fall.

We are starting with Ladies Night Out on Thursday September 13th. This is a chance for individuals and/or groups of ladies to enjoy a creative experience in a comfortable environment with an artist who also has a Bachelor of Education. Refreshments will be on-hand, and Cavelle will guide you as you unearth your talent and keep your creative fires burning.

We would love to see you and your friends on the 13th for what we hope becomes a tradition at the Club. For information, check out the event page at Ladies Night Out and get registered!!

See you on the 13th,