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NEW Attraction 2016: ‘Kingston Pen’ TOURS

The City of Kingston, Federal & Provincial partners and local community organizations are pleased to announce that the Kingston ‘Pen’ Penitentiary, Canada’s oldest maximum security prison, closed to the public for 180 years, has opened for¬†guided tours.

The unique guided tours provide an up-close look at Kingston Pen, an amazing historical building and national historic site.

You must book online for tickets, The website will also include details of the tour. The tours end on October 31st, 2016.

In early June, during the initial release of online tickets, over 31,000 tickets were purchased over a five day period. There will be 33 tours per day.Tours will take a three-week break in September for the hosting of the North American Police Equestrian Championship Event.

May we suggest you purchase your tickets and then contact the Frontenac Club Inn to book your accommodation in Kingston. The walking distance to the Kingston Pen is about 30 minutes from the Inn. Parking is also available on site.