Confessions of an Innkeeper:​
The Smell of Fear!

Today is our first day without guests and we miss you already!! The morning smell of fresh ground coffee and croissants baking has been replaced with the cold smell of fear as we embark on an 8-month journey to revitalize and rejuvenate the Club. Our team is excited to have hit this important milestone exactly 18 months after acquiring the Club. It is a bit of a strange happenstance that our first day was June 9th and our closing date was December 9th. Any of you fans of numerology can let us know if this bodes well for us.
One of our first steps this week is to prepare for the auction.

We have partnered with MaxSold to auction off much of the Furniture and fixtures in the Club that will not be reused. This on-line auction begins on Monday December 10th and will run for approximately 10 days. Check it out if you are looking for a piece of the history!

We also start some selective interior demolition of the Cartwright wing today. We are completely re-envisioning all four of these suites and connecting them to the rest of the Club via a new interior corridor. Some elements in this area will be missed as part of the new design – most notably the patios off of 3 of these suites. We do hope that the new licensed patio and the private roof-top patio will make up for this change.

Stay tuned – I will be posting some video over the weekend of the first few steps in the demolition.

Safe travels,

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