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Welcome to Our New Website

Welcome to September and our new website!

As a kid, those many years ago, I remember thinking September was the real beginning of a new year……new teacher, class, friends, Hilroy notebooks, pencils, lunchbox, saddle shoes………..I would clean off my desk in my bedroom, straighten up my books in preparation for the school year ahead and always arrive very early on the first day of school!

Decades later, Beare and I still anticipate the start of the new year on Labour Day Weekend…….parents of Queen’s University students arrive throughout the weekend to move their loved ones into residence or their first encounter living in a communal house or apartment. It’s not uncommon to see vans full of furniture from basements or the attic, boxes of books, clothes, and even some stuffed animals. Yes, reality hits………they are moving on with their lives and starting a very important chapter…a new beginning!

Over the years, we have witnessed separation anxiety on the part of many parents (we know, because Beare and I also experienced it). Check out our Fall Special for parents who may want an extended visit in Kingston during the term.

Fast forward to convocation when the extended family all arrive to celebrate the academic success of their child, grandchild, nephew, niece, cousin or friend and are eager to share their pride in their accomplishments. This time will mark the beginning of the second chapter. We have been so delighted to share a small part of this journey with families over the years.

Our new year at the Frontenac Club Inn begins with the launch of our new website. We welcome your comments and suggestions.  We are very proud of our staff and appreciate, more than they know, their contribution to the Inn and our guests.

  • Susan